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Susan David-Kryszczak


Susan David-Kryszczak is a retired 25-year state police officer, the first female detective in South Jersey. While catering with her husband Fran in the 90s, when offered an opportunity to better Deptford and Oak Valley, (The Island of Deptford) she humbly accepted bound for success and community involvement.

Francis Kryszczak

Hall Manager

Francis Kryszczak Sr. is a retired Marine, Delaware Memorial Bridge worker, and family cook. Through years of catering, he plans to keep his family traditions while serving you and your event efficiently.

David Kryszczak

Technology Coordinator

David Kryszczak is a serial entrepreneur, consultant, and problem solver for his area of expertise: technology and social media. David runs his own consulting company, along with his website development company, Deptford Technology Services. With his knowledge and experiences, David is able to bring light to any situation and improvise when necessary to complete any task to the best of its ability.

David graduated at the top of his class from Deptford High School, attending Rowan University for a double major in Management Information Systems and Musical Education.

Brian MacDonnell

Assistant Hall Manager

Brian is a lifetime member of the Oak Valley community and strives to help better the town of Deptford and your experience at Four Star Catering.